Amy is the Founder and MD of Inclusively Tech, a Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy based in Manchester.
Amy Newton

After spending over a decade recruiting technical talent in the UK Amy noticed there was a need for down to earth, realistic and practical awareness and inclusion training, and that's how Inclusively Tech was started.

Amy also founded and co-organises several community NFP projects in the North West including Techs and The City, InfoSec Hoppers, Ministry of Testing Manchester, Tech Leads of the NW, and Liverpool Tester Gathering. These groups were amongst the first to do initiatives like Queer as Tech and Mental Health in Tech.

Amy is passionate about helping the next generation of students understand that you don't have to be a Developer or a Coder to go into a career in tech; there are lots of rewarding pathways such as Project Manager, Product Manager, Software Tester etc that can all lead to really fulfilling and well paid careers in an exciting and fast paced industry.