How to grow your business on social media: The Ultimate strategy

Dedicate yourself to serving your customers and your sales will take care of themselves. In business, it is a general rule that you cannot directly increase profits, only indirectly. You can't just wake up one day and say you want to increase your business sales and expect it to happen without some specific strategies in place. Increasing profit can only be achieved by improving the variables responsible for determining your profitability. (You can only increase the inputs that make up profits).

Check out 6 seamless tips that work like magic: 

  1. Make social media a priority

    Managing social media can be difficult for a small business or entrepreneur, so you have to make it a priority. It is important to start by planning. Establish goals and strategies for success. It is important to ask yourself what you hope to achieve with social media, whether it is awareness, sales, or reach. You will be better able to commit to social media if you have a plan. For small businesses, starting with the plan, understanding the tools you will require to achieve your plan, and then looking to your competitors for what they are doing well is a good starting point.  

  1. Set goals for social media

    In order to succeed on social media, you must set some goals. Goals are at the center of everything. You should set targets based on the desired results. Developing social media goals that align with your strategy is crucial so you can determine whether or not your social media campaign was successful. You should be as specific as possible when creating goals. For example, if you're using social media to promote brand awareness, what are the metrics around that goal that will point to brand awareness? Are you tracking likes or traffic to your social media posts? Setting clear goals based on specific objectives is the first step toward achieving great results and is also the first step to identifying if social media is working. If you're off the path, and you're not finding success on social media, goals will help you to define what action step you need to take next to get back on track.

  1. Be yourself and share your story 

    As a brand or business, you need to let people know who you are and what you stand for. Always remember that social media is social. Social media users are there to connect with friends, family, and most importantly with your brand. They cannot connect with you unless you share things that are humane, authentic, and engaging. Things that connect with people on a human/personal level. Your audience should be able to tell who you are. Regardless of how small you are, what makes you unique is what you stand for, your values, products, and services. What will make people want to share your content? Social media is a valuable tool for marketing and making your presence known. You should also remember that creating content isn't just about showing how your products will benefit your users. It’s about helping people. In other words, it is about providing your audience with useful and relevant content over time that will make them rely on you as an authority source. 

  1. Scheduling time for social media

    Sharing great social media content is the key to building a strong social media presence. Business owners are often too busy to create good content. Set aside a certain amount of time each week or every day to create great social media content and engage with your fans on social media. Content that engages your audience will naturally drive conversation between you and them since they will want to talk to you and ask questions about the brand. You can create a great community by communicating with your audience from time to time. 

  1. Keeping an ear to the ground 

    One very important point you need to pay attention to is listening to your customers rather than just promoting. Social media offers a great platform for customer communication because it is an open-ended forum. Businesses can connect with their customers via social media. Taking note of the types of questions your community asks about your product on social media is part of listening to your community. Listening to your customers rather than simply promoting your products not only gives you great insights into the fears, preferences, likes, or dislikes of your customers, but it also helps you build a loyal customer base that you can leverage later.  

  1. Focus your energy on specific platforms

    You can achieve your social media goals by focusing on what is important to you. If you've heard the saying, it's better to be on one social network rather than many. It is absolutely true. To begin with, you need to determine which social media channels work best for your brand and make them your primary platforms. You can explore others once in a while based on your goals. Focusing on your primary channels rather than being everywhere at once will allow you to explore all of their benefits and make better use of them. Social media success requires a great deal of time, effort, and concentration. Using channels that speak directly to your brand will increase the chances of your success tenfold or even more.


The key to becoming successful in social media is commitment, dedication, and passion. The content you post on social media is more effective when you're passionate about it. If you're not sure what to write about, pick a topic you love. It can either be related to your brand or something similar. The more passionate you are about a topic the more passionate your fans are going to be too. 


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