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It is very important for us to provide high quality food for our customers and we take great care when preparing menus to make sure all our hot meals are well balanced and provide necessary nutrition.

Our Head Chefs have worked with our catering teams to put together some tasty and nutritious menus to ensure we have something for everyone. This includes a variety of snack and budget options;  consisting of soup, jacket potatoes, fresh baguettes, pasties, toasties, pizzas and salads, and our main street food dishes of the day starting from £3.50. (Please note during holiday periods these menus are subject to change / availability).

Our partners, Nourished Life, also have a great range of information available on their website about food and nutrition, helping you stay inspired to Fuel Your Studies with nutritious and delicious food!

We’d love to hear from you so drop us an email at

Allerton Restaurant

Hot breakfast items, breakfast grab and go sandwiches, yoghurt bar, pastries, self help salad bar, main meals and snacks, pies and pasties, live cooking ( mon - Thurs) cakes, hot drinks.

Maxwell  Restaurant

Hot breakfast items, breakfast grab and go sandwiches, yoghurt bar, pastries,  salad bar, main meals and snacks, pies and pasties, pop up specials, cakes, hot drinks,

New Adelphi Cafe

Eat in or take away breakfast sandwiches, pastries, snacks, pies, pasties, cold sandwiches, cold drinks, Costa coffee, cakes

Media City Café

Starbucks hot and cold drinks, breakfast sandwches, hot hand held snacks, cold sandwiches, paninis, cakes,

Chapman Restaurant

Hot breakfast items, Costa Coffee, Main meals, Paninis, cold sandwiches, cold drinks, cakes

Street Food Trailer

Daily Street Food offer


Your very own Subway on campus with all your High St favourites

Allerton Starbucks

Starbucks hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, pastries, cakes

Maxwell Retail Shop, Mary Seacole Coffee Cart, Newton Coffee Cart, Crescent Cafe, Library Cafe

Confectionery, cold drinks, Costa coffee, crisps, sandwiches

Student Stores, Broadwalk and Allerton

All your basic groceries, alcohol, snacks, sandwiches and drinks to take away