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Bigger, better, students’ union shops on the way for students

The University of Salford Students’ Union in collaboration with Chartwells (SALFOOD) and the University, will bring students a bigger and better campus shopping experience.

Chartwells currently operate a range of retail offers to more than 150,000 students in the UK as well as delivering the many catering facilities on Salford campuses.  

The outlets included in the agreement are the new Clifford Whitworth Shop, the Adelphi Shop, and Frederick Road Shop. (Horlock Court shop is set for demolition next year as part of the campus plan)

Union President, Marina Hristova says: “For a while now, we have been looking at our shop offer, listening to you about what can be improved and what it is you now need from your campus shops. Students want more variety, longer opening hours and a sustainable service that will match their lifestyles. We have a long history of being able to deliver a great service but now is the time to see how we can work with others to make this service even better."

“This partnership will also allow us to continue our tradition of being the biggest student employer on campus, and give our staff access to additional training benefits that a large experienced retail company like Chartwells can offer."

 “The new shops will have a fresh look, and a wider range of fresh foods, including fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and bakery so that those living on campus to provide much more than just frozen meals. There will also be an international offer to cater for those students who want other options."

“Chartwells’ ethics align well with our values and will continue to help us put student value first, and ensuring products are ethically sourced through local and national providers where possible.”

Tim Priestman (SALFOOD Contract Director), added: “SALFOOD is pleased to be working in collaboration with the Students’ Union to develop a new campus supermarket. The new shop will feature in the heart of the Peel Park Campus on the broadwalk next to Clifford Whitworth Library, and will be opening its doors for customers in early 2016."

“The new shop will offer Amazon Lockers, a new Costa to Go, and a Fresh Patisserie."

There will also be a range of clothing and stationery items already available within the present on site shops and opening hours will also be extended to accommodate those last minute essentials.”

For more information please contact Misbah Haque (Salfood - or Jessica Hildyard (University of Salford Students’ Union –