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Research topics

Key research areas and questions

  • Ecologies of cities: How can we reimagine cities by taking into account the principles of ecological sciences? How do humans, the natural and built environment operate in a series of linked interactions of systems, actors and networks?
  • Smart futures: How will smart data help us to map scenarios and transform cities? What is the future of carrying data within data object cities? How are cities becoming subjectified?
  • Urban Liveability: How does architecture and urban form influence the health, liveability and inclusivity of citizens? How should city design adapt to future, global trends, including greater populations, rapid advances in technology and climate change?
  • Future Urban Mobility: How will the way we move within and between cities change as society develops? How will we adapt in conjunction with changes in infrastructure and technology? How can future cities develop for more sustainable, active and mobile citizens?
  • Governance: How can cities be an equitable and enjoyable space for all? How can cities be an area of resource, rather than consumption?
  • Adaptation to climate change and changing environments: How will our cities develop in a way which is resilient to future changes? How can we green our cities to reduce problems such as urban heat and air pollution?