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Research projects

  • KTP with Manchester City Council - The KTP will create the ability to confidently commission the use of OSC solutions. MCC will lead a consortium of 5 HAs and manufacturers to establish commissioning frameworks to support large scale off site modular construction. For this KTP there will be some housing manufacturers engaged in order to facilitate the delivery of these houses.
  • KTP with Procure Plus Limited - The project aims to develop an active framework management tool to support evidenced performance management and continuous improvement for SME contractors and clients.
  • iCase with Arup - this PhD project is to study the design and implementation of a BIM-based team space that can provide stronger collaboration among the key partners as well as specific information access to their supply chain partners
  • iCase Award with United Utilities - this PhD project aims to develop a New Delivery System for water sector infrastructure projects
  • New Methodology for Maintenance Decision Making for Highway Bridge Structures (Funded by the Highways England. Researchers: Min An, Wasfe Ali and Hamed Almutairi).
  • Risk Assessment and Safety Management of Railway Out-of-gauge and Overweight Freight Transportation (Funded by China Scholarship Council of Ministry of Education. Researchers: Min An and Yinggui Zhang).
  • Railway Emergency Preparedness Planning and Reliability Analysis (Funded by China Scholarship Council of Ministry of Education & Beijing Jiaotong University. Researchers: Min An and Li Wang).
  • Optimal oil and gas revamp project, program and portfolio management: Nigeria in perspective (PhD project. Researchers: Clement Ifeanyi Isbor and Min An)
  • Decision Making in Real Estate Investments under Uncertainty (PhD project. Researchers: Charles Nsibande and Min An)
  • Pilot study to investigate the effective deployment of Lean within SME's and the wider supply chain (Highways Agency) Principal Investigator: C Abbott Co-Investigator: Z Aziz
  • Earthworks Control Automation, Highways Agency, Principal Investigator: C Abbott
  • The impact of environmental regulation on innovation in the housing sector: the case of the Code for Sustainable Homes (ESRC) M Sexton, C Abbott
  • Maximising the diffusion and impact of microgeneration technologies in new housing (EPSRC) C Abbott W Swan M Sexton SL Lu S Green