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Research topics

The research group deals with the following four major areas of topics:

a. Building Information Modelling (BIM): the integration of process, people, information, and technology towards whole life value in the delivery and management of built environment assets through collaborative/integrative ways of working, efficient processes, and better management of information; enabled through the effective use of modelling, simulation, visualisation, information and communication technologies.

b. Geographical Information System (GIS): tools enabling for the processing of spatial data into information, which is tied explicitly to, and used to make decisions about the built and natural environments.

c. Construction Information Communication Technology (ICT): improving the efficiency and performance of both the construction industry and built environment assets enabled through the adoption and application of ICT.

d.  Building performance modelling: used to gain an insight into building options towards developing building solutions that are more efficient, effective and sustainable enabled through digital modelling capabilities.

The group has a strong track record in these core areas with several existing  and past projects; contributing to enhancing a digitally built environment that, in turn, has significant societal and environmental impact.

The group is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of academic staff that are involved in leading these core areas at regional, national and international levels. The group’s approach to research is multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary focusing both on pure and applied research engaging with a variety of stakeholders. This research group will play a key role in bringing these together and organising them into a cohesive research cluster.