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Saif Abdul Ghafour Alawadhi

Emergency Preparedness and Training Needs Analysis Policy Making Theory and Practice of United Arab Emirates

Saif Abdul Ghafour Alawadhi Supervisor: Dr Bingunath Ingirige
Co-supervisor: Dr Chaminda Pathirage
Year of commencement: April 2014

Saif Alawadhi’s area of study looks Emergency Preparedness and Training Needs Analysis in the United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is prone to different types of hazards. Although some of these hazards are man-made, some are natural and include earthquakes, flooding and extreme heat. Disasters that have affected the Middle East, as well as the preparedness of organisations to deal with future disasters, are among the most important topics. Preparedness is one part of a larger approach to disaster risk reduction and management. Effective response is based on practical knowledge of the capabilities and competencies needed to perform preparedness tasks. Training is a systematic formulation of knowledge and skills, which is targeted at improving competencies that relate to the effective performance of a government organisation.

A successful response to an emergency requires effective coordination amongst responders under time pressure and situations that entail critical decision-making. Emergency response requires regular cooperative efforts from different societal agencies. Depending on specific circumstances, these agencies can include the police force, fire department and medical service providers, which are typically under pressure to prove themselves; when agencies participate and cooperate in emergency response initiatives, their skills are important factors that drive a successful response. Training Need Analysis (TNA) is considered to be a starting step in the training process. The needs assessment informs what types of training programmes are needed and when, who should be trained and what criteria should be included. Hence, TNA is a continuing procedure that enhances the collection of data so that training can be improved.

About Saif Alawadhi

Saif Alawadhi completed his Bachelors degree in Law and Police Science in 2000 at Abu Dhabi Police College: He completed his Masters Degree in Security Crisis Management Police Science in 2007 at Dubai Police Academy. He received The Minister of Interior Award for Scientific Research of the first session 2011/2012 and was awarded ideal employee 2012 for for his outstanding performance. He holds more than (20) certificates of thanks and appreciation from the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, the commander of the Special Security Forces, Chairman of the Police Sports Federation, Chairman of the preparation team best file management distinct and from the Director of force 5 departments in various fields. Saif Alawadhi is sponsored by the Ministry of Interior, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, London, SW7 2QA, United Kingdom.

Research interests

Capability and competencies of training related to emergency response in the United Arab Emirates; current emergency response training needs programme; current command and control training needs capabilities and competencies at police tactical silver level and police operational bronze level within the ministry of interior.

Contact Details

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