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Professor Terrence Fernando

Professor Fernando is the Director of the THINKlab and has a broad background in conducting multi-disciplinary research programmes involving large number of research teams in areas such as distributed virtual engineering, virtual building construction, driving simulations, virtual prototyping, urban simulation, and maintenance simulation.

He is the CDR’s expert on visualisation and simulation, where he works with resilience and emergency management and critical infrastructure management professionals (e.g. stakeholders including City Councils, Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Primary Healthcare Trusts, the Environment Agency and utility providers such as electricity and water) in interactive web based visualisation platforms for disaster resilience and emergency management. Professor Fernando also worked with Petrobras in Brazil to develop a collaborative visualisation platform for responding to disasters within the oil industry.

As part of a EU funded Future_Workspaces roadmap project he brought together over 100 companies and research centres from areas such as aerospace, automotive, building construction, multi-modal interfaces, system architecture, networking, human factors to define a 10 year European vision for future collaborative engineering workspaces and mobile workspaces. He was the technical Director for the EU funded CoSpaces project (12M Euro) leading the scientific workpackages and collaboration between the scientific teams and the industrialists. This work resulted in an European Association for Virtual Reality for promoting advanced VR research in Europe.

Further funding has recently been received from EU through VisionAir to strengthen the VR infrastructure and research within Europe involving over 25 key VR centres across Europe.

He is also involved in EU funded PRoSEco, a collaborative environment for the eco-design of product services and production processes integrating highly personalised innovative functions with a minimal ecological footprint along the life cycle and CROSS DRIVE, a collaborative rover operations and planetary science analysis system based on distributed remote and interactive virtual environments.

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