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Hamdan Alshamsi

Managing Extreme Disasters: recommendations to develop effective contingency planning in UAE

Hamdan AlshamsiSupervisor: Dr Chaminda Pathirage
Year of commencement: October 2014

Hamdan’s of study looks at contingency planning as a possible effective measure and approach for managing extreme disasters. Incidents have been occurring across the world especially in the UAE in unprecedented, unforeseen frequency and at a magnitude that exceeds capacity of emergency organisations and agencies. This suggests the need for specific and more effective planning arrangement that can be used to prepare and respond to extreme events when they occur and if they occur.

This has led to undertake this research area which seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. Are the current crisis and disaster management practices and arrangements in the UAE sufficient for managing extreme disasters?;
  2. How can lessons learnt from responding to past extreme disasters be used to improve planning for future extreme disasters?

It is the aim of this study to answer these questions in view of ensuring better and more effective response to future extreme, unforeseen and unprecedented events in the UAE.

About Hamdan

Hamdan is the deputy manager in the operations department in Abu Dhabi Police (ADP). He is also the captain of operations security plans section. Hamdan completed his BA from Abu Dhabi Police College and completed Masters degree in disaster management from Coventry University, UK. He also has certificates and qualifications in Advanced crisis negotiation in Canada and Negotiation in Criminal crisis from RAID. Hamdan Rashed AlShamsi started his PhD in Coventry University in September 2013 and transferred to Salford University in October 2014.

Hamdan is sponsored by the UAE government to undertake his doctoral research because of his skills, expertise and continued quest for knowledge, improvement and personal and organisational development. In addition to this, he is a member of International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM).

Research interests

Emergency planning, crisis management and negotiation, emergency management and contingency planning.

Contact Details

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