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Hajer Faek Kudaer Al-Dahash

Evaluation of disaster response management resulting from war operations and terrorism in Iraq

Hajer Faek Kudaer Al-DahashSupervisor: Dr Udayangani Kulatunga
Co-supervisor: Dr Chaminda Pathirage
Year of commencement: April 2014

Hajer Al-Dahash’s area of study looks at disaster response management. Iraq has experienced various disasters either natural or manmade. Within the context of manmade disaster, war and post-war conflicts have crippled many essential services needed to reduce risks, manage hazards, and respond to disasters. This has impacted on the response phase, which is considered one of the critical phases in the Disaster Management life cycle. Due to the salient of the research model of behavioural response to disaster, which applicable to terrorism events, the effect of war and terrorism in Iraq has been highlighted during the response phase.

Because of the lack of empirical data in this field, this research aims to show the significance of disaster and crisis management in general. It also explores the current situation related to disaster response management in Iraq. This exploration focuses on the achievement of the basic functions of the management operation (planning, organizing, directing, controlling). In addition, it identifies the weaknesses and the strengths of the current administrative system in all its elements and analyses all the problems and the defects in every element, in order to treat and solve these problems and defects by making recommendations to improve the immediate response system to serve Iraqi disaster management in the future. In order to achieve the aforementioned aim, data collection included information obtained from literatures relating to disaster response management. This literature contains central and local government ordinances, reports and regulations along with some journal papers and books.

About Hajer Al-Dahash

Hajer Al-Dahash completed her Civil Engineering in 1993 at College of Engineering, Babylon University and completed her M.Sc. in Construction Management in 2002 at Building and Construction Engineering, University Of Technology. Hajer Al-Dahash has been awarded a scholarship for her doctoral studies from Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education.


  • Al-Dahash, H., Kulatunga, U., & Amaratunga, D. (2014). Evaluation of the System of Disaster Management Resulting from War Operations and Terrorism in Iraq. Procedia Economics and Finance, 18 (4th International Conference on Building Resilience, Incorporating the 3rd Annual Conference of the ANDROID Disaster Resilience Network, 8th – 11th September 2014, Salford Quays, United Kingdom), pp. 900-907.

Research interests

Disaster management, Maintenance management, Quality management, Incentive schemes and wages, Constructional Evaluation.

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