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Carianne Johnson

Coastal zone adaptation in Trinidad and Tobago

Carianne JohnsonSupervisor: Dr Udayangani Kulatunga
Year of commencement: January 2015

Carianne’s area of study looks at a coastal zone adaptation, hazard mitigation and disaster preparedness in the Caribbean. The research explores the vulnerability of Trinidad and Tobago’s coastal zones resulting from of the rate of development and the impact of climate change.

As a Small Island Developing State (SIDS) Trinidad and Tobago has distinct physical and demographic characteristics that contribute to its vulnerability, particularly a high concentration of industry, development and infrastructure in the coastal zones. Studies on coastal zone adaptation in the Caribbean are insufficient and continued research can guide the creation of a comprehensive coastal zone adaptation strategy in Trinidad and Tobago.

About Carianne

Carianne completed her Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies at minor in Sociology from Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York. She completed her Masters in Urban Planning from University at Buffalo, Buffalo New York.


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Research interests

Resilience of the built environment, Green Infrastructure, Urban Design & Small Island Developing States

Contact Details

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