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Andy Fleming

Andy is a Lecturer within the school of the Built Environment and serves as the Director of Admissions. He has conducted research into Disaster Management and Reconstruction since 2006. This work has involved consulting through interviews and workshops with a wide range of participants from all stages of the Disaster Management and Reconstruction process including Charities, Engineers, Emergency Services and the UN.

As a result of this consultation he developed a Disaster Management and Reconstruction Process for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors President’s Commission for Major Disaster Management (see Fleming, A., Lee, A. (2009) Disaster Management and Reconstruction Process Protocol: Consultative Guide. RICS. ISBN 978-1-84219-497-3). He led several activities in further popularising and exploiting the disaster management process protocol. Some of those activities are:

  • Represented the University of Salford and the RICS at the International Disaster Reduction Conference in Davos, Switzerland (2006)
  • Presented Disaster Management Process Protocol to Government Politicians in Turin, Italy (2007).
  • Co-Convener for Disaster Management Process Protocol Workshop, International Disaster Reduction Conference, Harbin, China (2007).
  • Convened a workshop at Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue to validate the DMPP with Fire and Police representatives (2007)

More recently, in collaboration with Indiana State University, USA, Andy has been working to further develop and customise this DM process protocol. For example, in 2012 and 2013 he visited an Urban Training Centre, Indiana, USA to observe part of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s ‘Without Warning:  Tornado simulation Exercise’.  He will be leading this area within CDR in association with Indiana State University, USA.

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