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Research themes

A full range of styles of research can be undertaken, from fundamental theory building to highly applied. Examples of areas that you can undertake research include:

  • Capacity building for disaster mitigation and reconstruction
  • Project management for post disaster reconstruction
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Risk management and sustainability
  • Post-conflict reconstruction
  • Stakeholder management and corporate social responsibility
  • Community engagement and participation in reconstruction
  • Social impact of reconstruction
  • Protection and empowerment of women and other vulnerable groups
  • Role of women in mitigating and managing disasters
  • Livelihood development
  • Micro finance and community co-operatives
  • Knowledge management and integration
  • Impact of culture towards disaster risk reduction
  • Post disaster waste management
  • Disaster management and theory building
  • Extreme weather events and coping strategies
  • Business continuity analysis and planning; and
  • Resilience and adaptive capacities of SMEs.

More on these PhD research topics can be found via the Research Centre’s homepage.

You can also visit the CDR member's web pages to read about the specific research interests of Centre members.