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The CDR was partner with UNESCO on Enhancing Tsunami Risk Assessment and Management, Strengthening Policy Support and Developing Guidelines for Tsunami Exercises in Indian Ocean Countries.

This initiative supports national governments on Tsunami Risk Assessment and Reduction and Working Group 3 on Tsunami Awareness and Response, and to address recommendations made by the Working Groups at the UN Global platform.

The overall goal of the initiative is to establish improved tools and methods in tsunami risk assessment for Indian Ocean countries for saving lives, protecting infrastructure and conservation of the environment, and to develop a better understanding of the importance of risk assessment in policy making, including national policy support for tsunami exercises

Over the last few decades there has been significant development pressure in coastal cities on a global scale. This has led to increased population and major infrastructure development over a comparatively short period of time. On many occasions such development, and the associated population migration and human settlement, has not taken place in a planned manner. It is not surprising that such cities, their population, infrastructure and environment are highly exposed and vulnerable to hazards both natural and human induced. Therefore risk assessment and management, including early warning, awareness, preparedness and response are vital for sustainable development of such urban cities.