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Chamber of Construction Industry, Sri Lanka

Along with the Chamber of Construction Sri Lanka,the CDR help to empower communities in post conflict areas in Sri Lanka mainly in capacity building in the reconstruction process. Our research has influenced professional standards and guidelines in Southern Asia, and established the basis for a capacity development programme for municipal government and the construction industry in Sri Lanka

The centre also works closely with the Chamber of Construction Sri Lanka with a view to incorporate conflict transformation concepts into training curricular so that the trainers of USAID funded “Conflict transformation and rebuilding of social and economic security through Construction Craftsman Training of persons in conflict affected and poverty stricken areas in the Northern Province and the bordering districts of Sri Lanka”. This has helped the Sri Lankan stakeholders to achieve resilient, sustainable urban communities by working with local governments to reduce the risks associated with disasters.

In Sri Lanka, which has suffered significant from natural and man-made disasters in recent years, CDR focused on reaching the most vulnerable urban communities where people suffer most from the impact of hazards.