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Research projects

The following projects represent some of the initiatives that the ABERG research group has been actively involved in.    

Green Deal Communities

Green Deal Communities is a joint project with Greater Manchester and DECC looking at the supply chain for the delivery of sustainable retrofit in the domestic sector. This has included activities such as supply chain training, the development of a retrofit pattern book and the provision of technical support to the development of a portfolio of monitored demonstration homes.

Saint Gobain

Saint-Gobain worked closely with Salford University, Leeds Metropolitan University and Saint-Gobain Recherche on what is believed to be the most in-depth study into whole house retrofit.  This involved a substantial retrofit of the Energy House.  For more details of this research project download the Saint-Gobain report here

BEAMA Controls Work

The BEAMA (British Electromechanical and Allied Manufacturers’ Association) Heating Controls Study project was designed to assess the impact of different heating control sets on the consumption of energy for heating a home.  The study aimed to bridge the gap between laboratory-based work and fieldwork because neither fully recreates a real-life yet controlled environment.  For more details download the BEAMA White Paper here or the full BEAMA technical report

Green Deal Go Early Monitoring

The Green Deal Go Early project is undertaken in partnership with Greater Manchester and the Department of Energy and Climate Change. This study is concerned with the fabric performance, environmental measurement, energy use and user experience of retrofitted properties in Greater Manchester as part of a wider improvement programme.

SEEDS Framework 7

SEEDS focuses on both the residential and commercial sectors. The commercial (or tertiary) sector includes a wide spectrum of building type and surrounding open spaces (shopping, education, offices, sanitary, leisure, sport, motorways, etc). The SEEDS project will be of direct applicability on the residential and commercial sectors (saving energy potential around 30%). The results of the project will be validated in the commercial sector (offices building with its parking area in Spain) and part of a university campus in Norway (University of Stavanger). Nevertheless, SEEDS developments will also be of applicability into the residential sector. Find out more details about the SEEDS project

BuildHeat (Horizon 2020)

Funded through Horizon 2020, BuildHeat aims to elaborate a set of reliable, energy efficient and affordable retrofit solutions for multifamily houses, which execution is facilitated by industrialised, modular and flexible HVAC, fa├žade and ICT systems made available on the market. Despite the affordability, innovative solutions are more expensive compared to off the shelf ones. BuildHeat aims to leverage private and public investments by aggregating customers into energy efficient communities that are attractive to large investors, thus promoting retrofit actions at quarter level.

IAM Integrated Asset Management

The Integrated Asset Management Project is funded through Innovate UK and is carried out in partnership with the National Energy Foundation. This looks to establish how data is used to manage assets and how this can be effectively linked to managing the sustainability of stock in the social housing sector.


The Haven project is funded by Innovate under its vehicle to grid programme. A charging point has been added to the Salford Energy House to investigate how electric vehicles, renewables and storage might work in concert to allow a homeowner to link more effectively to the grid as both a producer and consumer. This project has been developed with Upside Energy, Good Energy and Honda.