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Tailor-made training

Workshops, seminars and other events are available for research students to help them develop research skills. Our Doctoral training programme offers workshops on;

  • Research skills and techniques
  • Research environment
  • Research management
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Communication skills
  • Networking and team working
  • Career management
  • Subject-specific
  • English language support

Attendance at training events is recorded and discussed at major points of assessment.

You can email Professor Jason Underwood at , Director of Postgraduate Research Training if you have any questions about training and support.

Topic Specific Roles

When reviewing the literature relating to the topic of research, it is important to conduct a thorough literature review which would identify the key characteristics of the field, the appropriate contacts within the field, theories associated within the research field. It is important to specify any ethical considerations (if applicable). Training on Research Ethics is offered on the Salford Postgraduate Research Training Programme (SPoRT).

It is important to identify research and operational training requirements associated with the research being undertaken. All research training maybe viewed and booked using the Online Booking System for the Salford Postgraduate Research Training Programme. Most training session material is also available through the University's virtual learning environment, Blackboard, and some sessions are also held virtually in real time.