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PhD (Full-time, part-time, split-site)

Who is it for?

PhD students who want to study at the Salford campus, however, it is also possible to complete a PhD on a split-site basis. This mode of study is for PhD students who want to study at the University of Salford and in another country. Students are permitted to undertake part of the study programme at an external institution; however, students are expected to spend the equivalent of at least one third of their agreed study period at Salford. In addition to a supervisor at Salford, a local advisor who must be based in an academic institution, local to the candidate’s country of residence will be appointed.

Programme structure

There are 5 elements to a PhD

  • Research Proposal - Normally submitted at the time of application.
  • Literature Review - Builds up the knowledge in the subject-area of research. Students should search all relevant literature in their research field using available facilities.
  • Research - This aims to satisfy the research objectives by following a clear, detailed and rigorous research methodology. Students will be self-dependent and should develop in depth skills in the subject-area.
  • Analysis - Develops the student's ability to test or validate the research results through quantitative and / or qualitative analyses, approved by the supervisory team.
  • Writing up - Students complete their proposed final thesis and prepare for the final examination at the University of Salford. Students are required to work out a detailed plan for delivering the various individual chapters of the thesis to their supervisory team.


Progress is judged through the completion of a learning agreement, annual self-evaluation report, two intermediate assessments and final thesis submission and viva.


  • 3 years (plus 1 year completion) full-time / split-site
  • 5 years (plus 2 years completion) part-time


For details on entry requirements, fees, and other support and advice please see our page on applying for postgraduate research degrees.