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Online Doctoral Programme (ODP)

Who is it for?

This programme is suitable for candidates who are working in academia or industry, or who simply cannot commit to a full-time study at the Salford campus. The online programme is suitable for overseas and home students that are based outside the Manchester area.

Programme structure

This programme is delivered online and is backed up by tutor support. All candidates are allocated a supervisor and a local advisor who will be based in an academic institution, local to the candidate’s country of residence.

Students are able to download research materials, interact with tutors and fellow students, submit work and receive feedback. A breakdown of the programme structure is as follows:

  • Research Proposal (max. 3 months) - Provides the basis for the research to be conducted in the remainder of the programme.  
  • Literature Review (max. 8 months) - Building up the knowledge in the chosen subject-area of research. Students should search all relevant literature in their research field using the facilities provided by their local centres, the University of Salford's Library services and web facilities.  
  • Research Methodology (max. 12 months)- Completing research objectives by following a rigorous research methodology. Implementing empirical research techniques as appropriate. Students will work independently and should develop in depth skills on conducting research in the subject area.  
  • Analysis (max. 3 months) - Testing / validating the research results through quantitative and / or qualitative analyses approved by the supervisor and local adviser.  
  • Writing up (max. 6 months) - Completing the proposed final thesis and preparing for the final exam at the University of Salford. Students are required to work out a detailed plan for delivering the various individual chapters of the thesis to their supervisors/local adviser.  


Attendance at the University of Salford is compulsory only for interim assessment, internal evaluation and the final oral examination. There is no additional mandatory requirement to attend the University of Salford.


3 years (plus 1 year completion)


You may apply at anytime during the year. The programme has 3 intakes each year: January, April and October.

Apply now

Make sure that you have electronic copies of all supporting documentation, such as transcripts, English language tests and research proposals.

You will be prompted to attach these during the online application process.

You can check out research subject pages for lists of PhD subject areas.

For details on entry requirements, fees, and other support and advice please see our page on applying for postgraduate research degrees.