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Urban processes

Jam and Justice: Co-producing Governance for Social Innovation

This exciting 3-year programme (2016-2019) is part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) Urban Transformations portfolio and explores the theory and practice of co-production in transforming urban governance. ‘Jam’ is about trying to bring together different partners in the city to experiment and innovate to address shared problems. ‘Justice’ is about re-connecting with those who have been disenfranchised and excluded from the search for solutions. Through the development of an Action Research Cooperative (ARC) in Greater Manchester, the project will bring together academics, practitioners, citizens and political leaders to exchange knowledge and develop creative responses to emerging urban governance challenges. @UTConnect

Cultural Intermediation in the Creative Urban Economy

This Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project (2012-2016) examines the mechanisms for connecting communities in the creative urban economy. Following a diary-keeping exercise and case studies with cultural organisations in Birmingham and Manchester, the project initiated a process of creative community engagement in two neighbourhoods. In Ordsall/Salford, ‘Ideas4Ordsall’ has given a boost to 20 local people to develop their ideas for cultural activities, including Ordsall Art Collective, a local history play, Islington Festival and a printing press. @Ideas4Ordsall @cultintermed

Pendleton Together - Integrated Healthcare Work

This work involves an initial evaluation of the impact of a major regeneration project on independent living for older people. Specifically it focuses on the Pendleton area of Salford where 1500 new homes are being built and 1250 existing homes are being given a makeover, coupled with tranquil new parks and open spaces, sports pitches, new streets and footpaths and even a city farm. The evaluation will inform the future development of an extra care village within the heart of the redevelopment.

Ageing and the Built Environment

SURFACE-Inclusive Design have been carrying out work on ageing since 2003, which examines the relationship between the older person and their environment and explores how a person’s well-being may be compromised by the effects of poor design. Drawing upon people’s direct experience through a range of person-centred approaches, we suggest how the built environment could be improved by taking an inclusive design approach whilst recognizing that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and that there are often regulatory and budget constraints which have to be overcome.

Vision2, Geelong, Australia

The transformation from a manufacturing to a knowledge based economy has profound implications for City Centre living. While some cities in Australia have been quick to assess the impacts of these processes for their design and physical planning, others remain constrained by their manufacturing heritage and patterns of population settlement, including suburbanisation.  The VISION 2 project in Geelong, an Australian city of 200,000 population, is a Victoria State Government funded project to revitalize the City Centre through the adoption of urban ecological principles. The Victoria State Government has recently approved a new authority to oversee the implementation of the project., Youtube:

Co-creating Sustainable Cities

Mistra Urban Futures is a multi-partner centre with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. Set up in 2010, the Centre focuses on transformative urban processes to support the transition to fair, green and accessible cities. The Centre comprises four Local Interaction Platforms in Gothenburg, Cape Town, Kisumu and Greater Manchester which bring academics and practitioners together in co-creation partnerships. The Greater Manchester Local Interaction Platform is hosted by UPRISE’s SURF group and builds on 10 years’ work examining the processes of urban knowledge production, circulation and reception. A key focus is on processes of inter- and trans-disciplinary working between academics and urban professionals, urban knowledge exchange and co-production in cities.  @mistraurbanfut