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Research Topics

Sprays Research Group (SRG)

  • Domestic and Industrial Aerosols Using Compressed Gas
  • Fire and Explosion using Fine Sprays
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Decontamination Using Fine Sprays
  • Coating and Cleaning for Healthcare Environment
  • Descaling Operation in Production Tubing Using High Pressure Sprays
  • Combustion Process in Turbine Injector
  • Agricultural Sprays
  • Heating and Cooling Process
  • Food Processing: Spray Coating
  • Pharmaceutical and Metering Systems
  • Gas Metering Design and Network Analysis
  • Gas Flaring and Single-Wall Nano-tube Production
  • Water Treatment Process Using Spray Techniques
  • Fracking Technique and Spray Utilization

Petroleum Technology Research Group (PTRG)

  • Reservoir simulation modelling
  • Smart well technology
  • Drilling technologies
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Internal and external fluid flow modelling of production facilities
  • Gas processing and transportation (GTL)
  • Fracking (Unconventional Reservoir) Process
  • Reservoir modelling and simulation
  • Drilling and drilling fluids technologies
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes
  • Production optimisation and flow assurance
  • Petroleum economics and management
  • Gas pipe pressure drop analysis
  • Burner/combustor design