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Research facilities

Sprays Research Group (SRG)

The Spray Research Group (SRG) has an equipped laboratory for the analysis of sprays and fluid flow, with such equipment as:

  • Phase Doppler Anemometry (PDA)
  • Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
  • Malvern Mastersizer
  • Pulse photonics
  • High speed Cameras and various digital imaging
  • Hot wire anemometry
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Crimping and flow control systems for aerosol
  • Various CFD packages, CAD, Solidworks
  • Fire and Explosion Equipment
  • Descaling Equipment
  • Spray coating and painting equipment

For the in-house manufacture of component parts the facility also has:

  • 3-axis CNC Milling machine
  • Lathe and various equipment for parts machining

Petroleum Technology Research Group (PTRG)

The PTRG was also formed over 5 years ago led by Professor Ghasem Nasr; the Group’s activities
include fundamental and applied research in meeting the needs of the petroleum and gas industry. The PTRG is actively involved in both modelling and experimental research in all aspects of petroleum and gas engineering. Recently multi-Million pounds investment has been made in the petroleum laboratory with the state- of-arts facilities as well as multimillion pounds on simulation software packages that are used for research and consultancy as well as teaching and learning in petroluem and gas engineering. Example of these facilities are:

  • Capillary pressure and resistivity system
  • Rock compressibility and insitu acoustic velocity system
  • Coreflood system configurable for any EOR processes
  • Unsteady state gas permeameter and porosimeter 
  • The Steady State Liquid Permeameter
  • Bench top unsteady state and steady state relative permeameter system
  • Wax deposition flow loop for stock tank oil
  • Pressure Tapped Hydrostatic Core Holder
  • Automatic Porosimeter (AutoPore)
  • NanoCT package
  • Rolling ball viscometer

Petroleum Computer Simulation Research Laboratory

The PTRG has a well equipped computer laboratory with the latest computational packages that are used in industry for the analysis of petroleum and gas scenarios: 

  • Schlumberger (Pipesim, OFM, Petrel, Eclipse)*
  • Petroleum Experts (IPM Suite)*
  • KAPPA (Ecrin v4.12.07, Emeraude v2.60.05)
  • STREAMsim Technologies (Studio SL, 3DSL, FloodOPT)
  • Fekete (WELLTEST)
  • Baker Hughes

*The commercial value of the Schulumberger Software is $8,378,071 and the value of the Petroleum Experts is equivalent of £1,335,161.50.