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Recent publications

Group publications January 2018 to date

“Measuring polarisation via a gating frequency”, T.H. Shen and J. Cook, USA Patent number US10228287B2 (granted 12th March 2019).

“Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production by Biomimetic Indium Sulfide Using Mimosa pudica Leaves as Template”, Carrasco-Jaim, O. A., Ahumada Lazo, R., Clarke, P., Gomez-Solis, C., Fairclough, S., Haigh, S., Leontiadou, M., Handrup, K., Torres-Martinez, L. M. & Flavell, W.  International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2018)

“Optically tuned and large-grained bromine doped CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite thin films via aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition”, Shreya Basak, Mohammad Afzaal and Heather M.Yates, Mat. Chem. Phys. 223, 157 (2019)

EA Chadwick, JM Christian, and K Chalasani, “Using eulerlets to model steady uniform flow past a circular cylinder,” European Journal of Computational Mechanics, (2018).:

JM Christian, GS McDonald, and A Kotsampaseris, "Relativistic and pseudorelativistic formulation of nonlinear envelope equations with spatiotemporal dispersion.  I. Cubic-quintic systems," Phys. Rev. A 98(5), 053842 (2018).

JM Christian, GS McDonald, MJ Lundie, and A Kotsampaseris, "Relativistic and pseudorelativistic formulation of nonlinear envelope equations with spatiotemporal dispersion. II. Saturable systems," Phys. Rev. A 98(5), 053843 (2018).

“Observation of Liquid–Liquid Phase Transitions in Ethane at 300 K”, John E. Proctor, Matthew Bailey, Ian Morrison, Malik A. Hakeem, and Iain F. Crowe, J. Phys. Chem. B 122, 10172 (2018)

“Electric discharge machine for preparation of diamond anvil cell sample chambers”, J.E. Proctor and D. Massey, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 89, 105109 (2018);

"The magnetic pendulum: a tabletop demonstration of chaos" JM Christian and H. Middleton-Spencer, Chalkdust, issue 8, pp. 9--14 (autumn edition, October 2018).

“The Effect of Lattice Damage and Annealing Conditions on the Hyperfine Structure of Ion Implanted Bismuth Donors in Silicon”, Tom Peach, Kevin Homewood, Manon Lourenco, Mark Hughes, Kaymar Saeedi, Nik Stavrias, Juerong Li, Steven Chick, Ben Murdin, and Steven Clowes, Adv. Quantum Tech. 1800038 (2018).

“High speed chalcogenide glass electrochemical metallization cells with various active metals”, Mark A Hughes, Alexander Burgess, Steven Hinder, A Baset Gholizadeh, Christopher Craig and Daniel W Hewak, Nanotechnology 29, 315202 (2018)

“High pressure Raman, optical absorption and resistivity study of SrCrO4” – M.A. Hakeem, D. Jackson, J. Hamlin, D. Errandonea, J.E. Proctor and M. Bettinelli, Inorganic Chemistry 57, 7550 (2018)