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Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

This research area, led by Dr Apostolos Antonacopoulos focuses on the extraction of text from scanned documents. Innovative approaches are sought to improve all steps of the digitization workflow resulting in systems deployed in the real-world.

Major collaborations with content holding institutions such as the British Library and commercial organisations such as Google and ABBYY ensure that problems are topical and solutions have significant impact.

Research interests and expertise

Document Image Analysis / Understanding

  • Layout Analysis
  • Analysis / Recognition of Historical Documents
  • WWW Document Image Analysis
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Drawing / Chart Recognition

Character Recognition

  • Pre-OCR Character Enhancement in Degraded Documents
  • WWW images
  • Braille documents

Pattern Analysis / Recognition

  • Analytical Signal Understanding
  • Sensor Fusion

Image Analysis / Understanding

  • Image Database Indexing/Retrieval
  • Medical Applications
  • Mobile Computing Applications
  • Augmented Environments
  • Remote Sensing
  • Scene Analysis

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