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PGR students

  • Abdullah Al-Ani – Adaptive control of upper limb functional electrical stimulation (supervisors Howard, Kenney)
  • Mick Prince – Low cost upper limb prostheses (supervisors Kenney, Howard)
  • Edward Caldow - An investigation into the feasibility of integrating an exercise rehabilitation programme for people with peripheral artery disease into an already established Cardiac Rehabilitation service (supervisors Granat, Schoultz, Findlow)
  • Veena Raigangar - Physical behaviour, diet, quality of life and serum biomarkers in Emirati pregnant women – Longitudinal prospective cohort study-PreAct United Arab Emirates (PreAct UAE) (supervisors Granat, Buttress)
  • Abolanle Gbadamosi - Commuting, physical activity and health outcomes (supervisors Granat, Clarke-Cornwall)
  • Bodor bin Sheeha - Functional and Patient Outcomes of Total Knee Arthroplasty: a mixed-methods approach. (supervisors Jones, Granat, Williams)
  • Robert Broadley - Detection of Falls Using Change in Posture (supervisors Granat, Kenney, Thies)
  • Anna Pace - Design of a new prosthetic ankle (supervisors Howard, Gardiner, Kenney)