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Aeronautical Engineering

Research interests in the field of Aeronautical Engineering cover all of the technology areas associated with the design and performance analysis of aircraft and other aerospace vehicles.


Academic Staff

PhD Research Students

Usman Ali

  • Start date: October 2013
  • Analysis and Control of the Flow Over the Outboard Sections of a Highly-Swept Wing

Ahmad Alsahlani

  • Start date: January 2014
  • Aerodynamic Challenges in the Design and Operation of a High-Altitude, Long-Endurance Unmanned Air Vehicle

David Peter Monk

  • Start date: October  2014
  • Lift Enhancement on Medium-Swept Wings Using Leading Edge Vortex Flaps

Peter James Grenville Morgan

  • Start date: October  2014
  • Ground Effect Study of a Modified UCAV 1303 Geometry