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Professor Trevor Cox

Prof Trevor Cox is Professor of Acoustic Engineering, a past President of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and was awarded the IOA’s Tyndall Medal in 2004. He has been an investigator on 25 EPSRC projects on room acoustics, blind signal processing, perception and public engagement. These include EP/J013013/1, which was about the perception and automatic detection of audio recording errors and used a mixture of perceptual testing and blind signal processing methods. Cox leads the qualitative and quantitative perceptual work on EP/L000539/1, a programme grant about spatial audio. He is investigator on EP/N014111/1 a big data project investigating perception and machine learning with everyday sounds. He was an EPSRC Senior Media Fellow and has presented more than 20 science documentaries on BBC Radio, authored articles for The Guardian, New Scientist and Sound on Sound. His popular science book Sonic Wonderland was published in 2014 and has been translated into 6 languages.

Research Grants

  • How Scientists Work£189,006.00EPSRC17/11/2006
  • Digital Stories for Engineers£24,712.00Royal Academy of Engineering24/03/2008
  • Wikked Science£209,015.00EPSRC30/09/2008
  • Identifying a sound environment for secondary schools£97,442.00EPSRC08/10/2008
  • KT-EQUAL: Putting ageing and disability research into practice£123,316.00EPSRC15/12/2008
  • More Super-sonic communication£91,491.00EPSRC01/06/2009
  • Mood Extraction and Theme Music£4,400.00BBC22/11/2010
  • Perception and Automated Assessment of Recorded Audio Quality, Especially User Generated Content£456,986.00EPSRC14/12/2011
  • S3A: Future Spatial Audio for an Immersive Listener Experience at Home£1,411,295.00 EPSRC23/12/2013
  • IMPRINtS - Internet and Mobile technologies for a Public Role In Noise Surveying £178,834.00EPSRC23/03/2007
  • Statistical Quantification of Vocal Effort Level Distribution£79,260.00
  • Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre (HMGCC)19/05/2008
  • Synthesized Music for Room Acoustic Measurement£65,164.00Leverhulme Trust 26/06/2008
  • Soundscapes£44,595.00DEFRA12/11/2008
  • Making Sense of Sound£398,961.00EPSRC09/11/2015
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