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Professor Richard Baker

Richard is Professor of Clinical Gait Analysis. He is a Chartered Engineer with a PhD in Biomechanics. He spent 20 years working in hospitals in the UK and Australia developing and delivering clinical gait analysis services before taking up his current post. Clinical gait analysis uses optoelectronic tracking systems, a range of force transducers and sensors capable of detecting electrical activity in muscles to measure how a patient is walking. The measurements are used to help support surgeons and other health professionals make decisions about how patients should be treated either directly or after some form of biomechanical modelling.

Richard is acknowledged internationally as one of the leaders of this field and is the author of the most recent text book. He has a particular interest in amputee gait and prosthesis design and also in the development of robotic walking frames to aid rehabilitation of stroke survivors. He has published 94 articles in peer-review articles and has a history of 4.8 million pounds in research income generation. He writes a blog which has attracted over 100,000 views and maintains an academic YouTube channel with 20,000 views.

Research Grants

  • A scientific basis for improving function in trans-femoral amputees£149,236.00, MOD, 10/05/2012
  • Development of a Device for the Motorised Rehabilitation of Walking (moRoW-3), £26,556.00, National Institute for Health Research,15/09/2014
  • CGM 2.i,  £50,000.00,Vicon Motion Systems Ltd,15/12/2014
  • Common themes in gait kinematics in Niemann Pick C,£30,000.00,Actelion Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd12/01/2015
  • Addressing PICO questions relating to prosthetics and orthotics service delivery,£39,100.00, US Agency for International Development,14/10/2015
  • See Richard Baker research profile on SEEK