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Dr Ian Drumm

Ian Drumm’s research interests centre on acoustic prediction, aural rendering for VR and the soundscape evaluation. Ian Drumm supervised the in house development Salford University’s 256 loudspeaker wave field systems and developed the associated applications programming interfaces. These sound systems are an integral part of the Salford’s Centre for Virtual Environments VR systems. He was also the principal investigator for the EPSRC funded projects ‘IMPRINtS- Internet and Mobile technologies for a Public Role In Noise Surveying’ and the Aeolus Project to promote acoustics through art.  As co-investigator for the 9M Euro Fascinate project, he was involved in the development of format agnostic technologies for immersive interactive broadcast.

Ian Drumm initially worked as a software engineer in industry gaining considerable experience in applications development. In 1997 he gained a PhD in acoustics from the University of Salford specialising in the computer based modelling of room acoustics. Later work in room acoustic prediction includes the development of 3D FDTD application software for the importing and prediction of hall data using the novel application of voxelisation and optimisation based filter design techniques. Recent work also includes the development of a hybridised FDTD/FE technique. Ian Drumm’s research has been published in the Journal of Acoustics Society of America, Acta Acustica, Public Understanding of Science Journal and numerous conference proceedings.

Ian Drumm is currently a lecturer for BSc and MSc computing and acoustics related programmes in the School of Computing, Science and Engineering at the University of Salford.