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Dr Guowu Wei

Dr Wei graduated from Fuzhou University in China obtaining a first class honours degree in Mechatronics in 2002 and outstanding MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2005. He was appointed Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering in 2005 and joined King’s College London in 2007 pursuing his PhD in the area of Computational Kinematics, Mechanisms and Robotics. He received his PhD degree in Robotics in 2012 from King’s College London where he was appointed Research Assistant in 2009 and then Research Associate in 2012. He joined the University of Salford in 2015 as a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering.

As team leader and co-coordinator, Dr Wei has completed 2 EPSRC projects, 3 EC FP7 projects and 2 ICUK projects in the theoretical investigation and prototype development of robotics with applications to the fields of packaging, meat processing and human-robot interaction. He published over 70 peer-reviewed papers in the fields of Mechanisms, Robotics and Bio-Robotics, was awarded seven patents. He received several academic awards including the C.M. Ho Best Paper in Biomimetics—Finalist, the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics.

Research Grants