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Leaf blower sounds

The sounds recorded from five different leaf blowers are presented here. To simulate outdoor conditions, the leaf blowers were recorded in a semi-anechoic chamber. This has absorbent walls, so sound does not reflect off them, and is similar to using a leaf blower in a large open space. We found it didn't matter much over what ground we used the leaf blower, the sound levels and quality were similar.

The leaf blower was recorded in each case on the blowing and vacuuming settings. Two sets of these recordings were made; first by holding the leaf blower stationary and secondly by swinging the leaf blower slowly in an arc of 90 degrees at rate of approximately 2 Hz. This piece of apparatus required an operator to be present at all times during the measurement to hold the leaf blower. Hearing defenders were worn by the operator to protect hearing.

The microphone (a half inch diaphragm microphone for monaural recording) was placed about 1m from the device at a normal standing height (1.5m). The dummy head was placed sideways facing to take the measurements (so one ear was nearer to the sound source than the other).