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Architecture and Building Acoustics

Architectural and building acoustics is concerned with improving the sound in rooms: we might want to reduce the background noise in a recording studio; improve the design of a public address system to make speech more intelligible in railway stations, or put acoustic treatments on walls to make music in a concert hall sound better. We carry out research into new methods for measuring and predicting how sound moves within rooms and buildings such as schools and auditoria. Another key element is measuring peoples’ responses to sound so we can understand what people want from a room design. This enables us to develop innovative ways to design rooms and building elements. We are also a test house for building acoustic elements and hold UKAS accreditation for many standard test methods.

Below are examples of some of the projects we have worked on and areas we carry out research in:

Building elements and acoustic treatments

Predicting sounds in rooms

Design of the acoustics of spaces

Measurement in architectural acoustics

Perception of sound in rooms

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