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Fusion of Acoustics and Visualization in Virtual Reality Doctorate

Despite the advance of visualisation and auralisation research over the last few decades, the fusing together of the two technologies is still unsatisfactory. What often happens is a world-class facility in one area (e.g. vision) has less than excellent facilities in the other (e.g. sound). This places severe limits on the realism VR simulations, the virtual environments they create, especially how immersive it is. At Salford we have been working to integrate auralization and visual simulations together for the last few years. We are about to complete a near million pounds upgrade on both our acoustic and visualization research facilities to create a infra-structure that would allow multi-modal virtual reality simulation with both world-class acoustics and visualisation. This PhD research project will use these upgraded facilities to address interfacing questions, as well as the impact of using different complexity of configurations on realism. The aim of the doctoral research would be to develop different integration strategies that can suit differing requirements of applications such as teleconferencing, virtual studios, and virtual workspaces.