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Digital Business Research contacts list

Dr Marie Griffiths

Digital Technologies

Dr Gordon Fletcher

Digital Anthropology

Dr David Kreps

Philosophy of IS

Mr Kostas Chaldoupis

Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing

Dr Yun Chen

Digital Business

Mr Richard Dron

Enterprise & Innovation

Mr Alex Fenton

Sport & Digital Business

Miss Sophie Iredale

Digital Marketing

Dr Suzanne Kane

IT Management & Education

Ms Jenny Kanellopoulou

Digital & Media Industries

Dr Maria Kutar

Information Systems

Miss Jessica Muirhead

Information Systems & UX

Dr Mostafa Mohamad

IS & Mobile Computing

Dr Christos Papanagnou

Big Data, Supply Chain Mgt

Dr Yiannis Polychronakis

Supply Chain & Project Mgt

Mr Chris Procter

Project Management, Education

Dr Tahir Rashid

Digial & Islamic Marketing

Dr Peter Reeves

Political & Brand Marketing

Dr Stelios Sapountzis

Project Management