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Law and People Management Research Group

Our research embraces the work of a diverse set of established and emerging scholars in the broad areas of people management and law practice. Colleagues have actively engaged in research and knowledge transfer activities such as research-informed teachings and KTP projects. Colleagues are proud to disseminate their latest research findings at both British and international conferences, and also involved in HR policy making, industrial relations enhancement and business consultancy projects across the world. Senior colleagues often serve as editorial board members and act as referees for prestigious peer-reviewed journals, e.g., Work Employment & Society, British Journal of Industrial Relations, British Journal of Management, Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Human Resource Management Journal, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. Colleagues have received research grants from ESRC, British Academy, NSC and shared knowledge with academic community and general public.

Scholars in this research group are keen to examine theoretically important and policy relevant issues in the following themes:

  • Organisational change and acquisition, including: employment relations management, trade union organisation, leadership and employee engagement;
  • Human capital and public service management, including: HRM & HRD practices, organisational behaviour, knowledge and learning in the organisation, performance management, work-life balancing and business-society harmony;
  • Business strategies and ethics, including: macro and micro strategies, entrepreneurship and innovation, corporate social responsibilities and human rights;
  • Legal issues and practice at work, including: employment tribunal, contract law, environmental law, intellectual property regulation, criminal justice and education of law and HR policies in the workplace.

Ralph Darlington (2014-15)

Professor Darlington has been awarded a prestigious British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant of £9,672 to conduct a two-year study into ‘The Scope and Limits of Radical Political Unionism in Europe’.

Kirk Chang (2014-15)

Professor Chang is working on two projects. Project 1: Gossip in the workplace and the implications for HR management (With Professor Chien-Chih Kuo @ the National Chengchi University, Taiwan. Sponsored by the National Science Council, Taiwan, NT$: 81,625.00).;  Project 2: Facilitating the knowledge transfer of Pay-related Performance Assessment Management (With Professor Jiangzhong Li, Chinese Academy of Personnel Science, China. Sponsored by the UoS External Research Engagement & Impact Fund, £3,600.00).

Sudi Sharifi (2014-15)

Dr. Sharifi is currently collaborating on research with colleagues in Universities across UK and Europe [Sheffield, Sweden and the Netherlands] which focuses on the developments in Home-based Teleworking and the implications for the European Labour Market.

Adrian Monaghan (2014-15)

Dr Monaghan is currently undertaking collaborative research on the regional competitiveness of Almeria province (Spain) from a strategic management perspective.

Bhabani Shankar Nayak (2014-15)

Dr. Nayak is currently working on Hindu modes and capitalist accumulation in India, including political economy of market and freedom. He has received “Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman-2014” for his research on food security policies in India.

Jonathan Lord (2014-15)

Dr. Lord is currently researching UK employment tribunals from a historical and user perspective. He is also in the process of establishing a network of worldwide employment law specialists to compare and contrast global issues on workers’ rights.

Chris Doran (2014-15)

Dr. Doran is currently researching the green credentials of the major cruise lines and how they are developing their sustainability agendas. Separately, he is exploring ethical fusion where small so-called ethical companies are acquired or merged by larger organisations and the impact this has on the two companies in terms of their Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Nicolas Kang-Riou (2014-15)

Dr Kang-Riou is currently pursuing research on the human rights of people with dementia, in relation to the Salford Institute for Dementia. In particular, he is looking at how issues of legal capacity and risk aversion in nursing homes impact the enjoyment of human rights by people with dementia.

David Beech (2014-15)

Dr. Beech researches how forms of collective action - such as leadership action and action in markets - is motivated, coordinated, governed and evolved.

Kathy Hartley (2014-15)

Dr. Hartley is currently co-editing a Special Issue on 'Medicine and Management across EU health systems’ with colleagues from UK (Leeds) and Germany, following completion of a 4 year EU funded Cost Action.

Susantha Udagedara Rajapaksa Mudsyanselage (2014-15)

Dr. Usagedara is currently working on two research projects: i. Organisational dynamics and adoption of innovation: a study within the software firms in Sri Lanka; ii). Effect of knowledge management dynamics on innovation activities: a study of RDE effects on innovation activities.

Evgenia (Jenny) Kanellopoulou (2014-15)

In Jenny’s doctoral project, she studies competition policies in the cultural industries and the creation of relevant product markets for cultural products (with the case study of the music industry). Jenny also works on a paper on “Legal geography: A spatial recognition of heterotopic places”, in collaboration with researchers from MMU.

Usman Talat (2014-15)

Dr. Talat conducts research in organisational behaviour, covering the measurement based and Philosophical aspects of "emotion, intuition and neuroscience challenges facing contemporary organisations and workers. He also conducts consultancy projects to share and garner popular debate/ideas around organisational behaviour.

Prof Kirk Chang

t: ++44 (0)161 295 2247