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Research themes

Members of the International Marketing and Services Management unit have contributed to a variety of research areas and sectors. Some of the Key research areas where members from the academic unit have made significant contributions are:
  • Managing Boundary Spanning Elements in Organisations – this area of research looks are research on managing sales persons, service employees like call centre workers, distribution channel members etc.
  • Political Marketing – Research on political marketing includes areas like voter choice, value systems etc.
  • Social Marketing – research on social marketing topics include consumer moralisation, green marketing etc.
  • Tourism Marketing – research on tourism marketing involves research on a variety of topics including consumer loyalty, green hotels, luxury hotel choice, dark tourism, information processing in destination choice etc.
  • Online Marketing—Research has looked at online consumer behaviour, psychological contract violation, e-loyalty etc.
  • Events Management – Research conducted by members of this unit has covered aspects like events management strategy, operations management etc.
  • Service quality – research studies have looked at the cultural aspects of service quality and internal marketing as factors contributing to service quality.