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Finance, Accounting and Economics

Research in Finance, Accounting and Economics generates insight into the economic impact of changes in real and financial markets, in financial reporting, and in society as a whole.

We undertake research in mainstream finance and accounting (eg. capital structure; the diffusion of innovations in accounting practices). Our research also forges interdisciplinary links with economics, law, social science, health and well-being, and considers the social impact of the discipline on a wide range of organisations nationally and globally.

Research students here are able to access a number of research resources including Bankscope, DataStream, EIU, FAME, ORSIS, and Wind Financial Terminal.

Our research infrastructure and facilities have ensured a flourishing research culture, which sparks developments that continue to have a significant impact and attracts PhD students of high standard from the UK and around the world.

Our members

Prof David Forrest

Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini

Corporate Finance; Islamic Finance

Stacey Gurrie

Dr Jia Liu


Dr Jacinta Nwachukwu

Prof Hassan Yazdifar

Information Management, Accounting