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Meet our team

Dr Mohammad Albahloul


Prof Rose Baker


Dr David Beech

Organization Studies

Dr Yun Chen

Information Management

Prof Ralph Darlington

Employment Relations

Prof John Davies

Quality Management

Dr Chris Doran

Business Ethics and Sustainability

Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini

Corporate Finance; Islamic Finance

Mr Alex Fenton

Digital; Information Systems

Dr Gordon Fletcher

Digital Business

Dr Marie Griffiths

Information Systems

Dr Kathryn (Kathy) Hartley

Organisational Behaviour

Dr Suzanne Kane

Business and Management

Ms Evgenia Kanellopoulou


Dr Nicolas Kang-Riou

Human Rights

Prof Philip Kitchen


Dr David Kreps

Information Systems

Dr Maria Kutar

Information Systems

Dr Jia Liu


Dr Jonathan Lord

Employment Law

Dr Agata Maccarrone-Eaglen

Consumer Behaviour

Mr Romas Malevicius

Sustainability and Business Ethics, Education for Sustainability, Action learning and problem-based learning, Organisational Change

Dr Morven McEachern

Business Ethics

Dr Adrian Monaghan

Transitions Management

Mrs Nadine Munro

Human Resource Management

Dr Jonathan Owens

Operations Management, New product Development

Dr Christos Papanagnou

Supply Chain management, Big Data exploration, Performance Measurement, Discrete Event Systems, Control Theory, IoT

Ms Christina Patman


Prof David Percy


Dr Yiannis Polychronakis

Operations, Projects and Supply Chain Management

Mr Chris Procter

Project Management

Dr Effi Raftopoulou


Dr Tahir Rashid

Digial Marketing and Islamic Marketing

Dr Peter Reeves


Mr William Ryan

Events Management

Dr Stelios Sapountzis

Project Management

Prof Phil Scarf

Operational Research and Applied Statistics

Dr Kai Sun

Applied Econometrics

Dr Andreas Tsopanakis


Dr Nandakumar M.K. Veettil

Strategic Management

Dr Peter Williams


Prof Hassan Yazdifar

Information Management, Accounting

Dr Dalu Zhang