Centre for Human Movement and Rehabilitation (CHMR)

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The Centre for Human Movement and Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary group, focused on improving health and wellbeing through innovation, research, and partnerships. Our research addresses a series of important global health challenges which limit mobility, are associated with pain, and which can prevent people from living independently. The work encompasses rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, long-term conditions, such as limb loss, diabetes and stroke, along with health states associated with ageing, such as frailty. The centre also has a strong focus on physical activity as a preventative behaviour, and sport and exercise, encompassing research related to public health, strength and conditioning, sports biomechanics and sport injury. 

Across the research centre, many research styles and disciplines are brought together. This ranges from engineering and computational modelling through to health behaviour, social sciences and qualitative research. In addition to delivering innovative research insights, we work closely with the NHS and industry partners to develop and test new treatments and to create innovative healthcare products and services.  We also work closely with many leading international partners, including Universities across the US, Africa, Australia and Europe. We consult closely with users and patient groups to develop health care solutions focused on the needs of patients or community groups. The centre plays a key role in training the research workforce of the future and houses the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in prosthetics and orthotics. 

For further information on the Health Science Research Centre please visit our dedicated website at https://hub.salford.ac.uk/human-movement-and-rehabilitation.


Centre for Human Movement and Rehabilitation
University of Salford
Allerton Building
Frederick Road Campus
M6 6PU
United Kingdom

Research Centre Director: Professor Steve Preece