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Equality Research Group contacts list

Prof Ziv Amir

Ms Elaine Ball

Ms Sarah Bodell

Occupational Therapy

Miss Tamara Brown

Workplace Health

Dr Jenny Ceolta-Smith

Miss Alexandra Clarke-Cornwell

Public Health

Dr Margaret Coffey

Public Health

Dr Tracy Collins

Occupational Therapy

Prof Penny Cook

Public Health

Dr Anna Cooper

Public Health

Dr Gillian Crofts

Dr Peter Eachus

Prof Alison Hammond


Dr Farina Hashmi

Podiatric Dermatology

Ms Angela Hook

Health and wellbeing, Occupational Therapy

Ms Rachel Martin

Ms Helen Matthews

Mrs Jacqueline Mckenna

Occupational therapy, service user engagement and emotional intelligence

Ms Paula Ormandy

Ms Christine Parker

Ms Kate Parkinson

Ms Ailsa Shaw Parsons

Dr Leslie Robinson


Dr Lucy Walton

Ms Anita Watson

Dr Ashley Weinberg

Dr Paul Wilson