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Falls & Mobility (15th May) Seminar Information

Workshop Summary

Researchers across the Centre for Health Science Research are tackling the issues of falls monitoring, prevention and treatment from a wide breadth of approaches including: rehabilitation, clinical gait analyses, foot health devices, walking aides, falls & activity monitoring hardware, fear of falling,  older-adult friendly built environments and many others.

The objectives of this one-day Workshop: “Falls and Mobility: time for implementation and up scaling falls prevention and treatment programs”are to strengthen interaction, broaden research and realize research impact. Fueled by a common vision, this workshop seeks to bring together stakeholders from different sectors (industrial, clinical and academic partners) who are  breaking down barriers and forging partnerships across disciplines and organizations to reduce falls and improve mobility. We will: 1) showcase the breadth, depth and innovation of the UoS approach to Falls and Mobility 2) identify clear links between research and impact on the local, national and global  health care priority of falls and mobility, and 3) enable co-designed (between broader groups of researchers as well as with non-academic partners) routes to impact.