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Who is on the panel?

The panel is comprised primarily of the Professoriate and the Research Programme Leads. Other staff with specific areas of expertise may also be seconded to it. The current members are:

  • Dr Kris Hollands, Chair
  • Professor Penny Cook
  • Professor Alison Hammond
  • Professor Peter Hogg
  • Professor Christopher Nester
  • Professor Malcolm Granat
  • Professor Los Kenney
  • Professor Rich Jones
  • Dr Sarah Norgate
  • Dr Steve Preece
  • Dr Anita Williams
  • Dr Tracy Collins
  • Dr Steve Atkins

Members are encouraged to send along alternates to meetings as a way of educating a wider range of staff members (particularly early and mid-career researchers) in how to judge research quality. It can be useful of such alternates consult with the Panel member they are replacing before the meeting to be mentored in this.

We also encourage a small number of observers at each meeting as part of our educational remit. Observers should not come along to Panel meetings at which their own research is discussed.