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Papers already reviewed

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  6. Greuter, S and Roberts, DJ 2014, 'Controlling viewpoint from markerless head tracking in an immersive ball game using a commodity depth-based camera' , Journal of Simulation , pp. 1-10. (Submitted)
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  13. Lanca, L, Franco, L, Ahmed, A and Hogg, P 2014, '10 kVp rule an anthropomorphic pelvis phantom imaging study using a CR system: impact on image quality and effective dose using AEC and manual mode' , Radiography, 20 (4) , pp. 333-338.
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  20. Phethean, J, Pataky, TC, Nester, CJ and Findlow, AH 2014, 'A cross-sectional study of age-related changes in plantar pressure distribution between 4 and 7 years: A comparison of regional and pixel-level analyses' , Gait & Posture, 39 (1) , pp. 154-160. Item not available from this repository.
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