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How does the process work?

1. Once you have had a paper accepted for publication the most senior author places a copy in the University of Salford Institutional Repository (USIR) within three months from the date of acceptance. If it is published as Open Access then a .pdf copy as provided to you by the publishers should be submitted. If itis not then a .pdf copy of the final version as you submitted it to the publisher (complete with figures and tables and their legends) should be submitted (this is called the Author Accepted Manuscript – AAD – and you own the copyright to this).

2. When the journal’s typeset .pdf version has become available the you should e-mail a copy to The body of the e-mail should include:

  1. a link to the USIR record (the process will not proceed until it has confirmed that the paper has been lodged on USIR)
  2. the author’s own opinion of the paper’s REF grading (for originality, significance, and rigour and overall) See ROME policy for details
  3. the abstract (copied and pasted).

If any of these are missing then you will be informed of this and the process will not proceed until all the information has been received.

3. Four weeks before each panel an e-mail will be sent out to reminding academic staff of this requirement to notify us of any outputs that have been published. Only papers received at least two weeks before the panel date will be reviewed.

4. After the panel meeting you will be sent an e-mail acknowledging that the panel has reviewed the paper and informing of you of the grading that the panel has assigned. (Note that these may be reviewed before the next REF in the light of any additional citation information that is available by then).

5. You will not get any written feedback on the panel’s discussion but if you would like more information on this you should consult your Research Programme Lead who is a panel member.