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REF & impact

Research Excellence Framework

Most of the research of within the School of Health Sciences was submitted to Unit of Assessment 3 of the REF2014: Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy. A total of 42.1 full-time equivalent staff were submitted to this UoA with 24 staff members from Health Sciences. Overall over 60% of our research was regarded as world-leading or internationally excellent. In terms of research power we were in the top third of universities submitting to this unit of assessment.

As part of our ongoing drive to continually improve the quality of our research outputs, we have set up a panel who monitor and evaluate all research outputs authored or co-authored by staff in our research centre. Further details of this assessment procedure can be found here.

The Impact of our research

Research within our Centre has positive impacts on health and health providers. Work, health and wellbeing research informs policy through understanding of our population’s health. Psychology research aids the understanding of mental health and informs mental health professionals. Diagnostic Imaging  improves  the effectiveness of patient scanning and its use in diagnosis. People are helped to overcome low limb ailments and walking problems through research into foot & ankle biomechanics, Gait Biomechanics, and Knee Biomechanics and Injury. Rehabilitation technologies and biomedical engineering  are  developing new technologies for rehabilitation. 

Here are two examples of our research impact:

Self-management for people with arthritis

Foot health devices

Watch the Impact Workshop video

Research outputs monitoring and evaluation (ROME)

The ROME panel has three main aims

  • To monitor all research outputs created by staff of the School Health Sciences    
  • To evaluate these in line with the criteria laid down by the Research Excellence Framework    
  • To educate staff in what constitutes high quality research and by doing so support them in improving the quality of the research they conduct and the way this is written up.    

The Panel has been established in such a way that it we believe it works well for most research produced by the School. We calibrate our findings with external experts who reviewed for the REF 2014. On average the panel to rates articles 0.2 of a star grade higher than those experts. Given the subjectivity,  this  gives us considerable confidence in the process.

Given the full breadth of research that the members of the School engage in, the system may not work well for all research outputs. Please contact the panel Chair (Kristen Hollands) if you feel that your research outputs fall into this category for any reason

The Panel does not review papers prior to submission. We hope that Research Programme Leads (who all sit on the Panel) have learnt sufficiently from their experiences to support staff through that process and we advise you to contact them for such support.

The ROME Panel meets to monitor and evaluate all research outputs published in peer-reviewed journals that have been authored or co-authored by staff of the School of Health Sciences. It is part of the School’s preparations for the next Research Excellence Framework evaluation which is likely  to  be conducted in 2021

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