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EU fp7 CROSSDRIVE – Giving scientists, mission planners and engineers the impression of beaming onto the surface of Mars from their respective countries, to plan Rover exploration.

VR Mental Health – Three PhD studentships are sponsored to investigate the use of Virtual Reality in Mental Health. Their respective areas of study are neuroscience of exposure therapy; prosthetic acceptance; and dementia.


EPSRC Eye catching – Supporting communicational eye gaze between people in different physical locations who move around together within a simulation.

EU fp AVATARS – Emotional modelling in virtual humans.

EU fp Platform for Network Games – Massive multiplayer gaming

EU i3net Cohabited Mixed Reality Information Spaces – A parrot on your shoulder points out people to intercept or avoid as you walk through a crowd, and make appointments for you with people you have yet to meet.

EPSRC HIVE Huge Interactive Virtual Environments – How can audience participation scale up in richness and number?