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Research themes

As the Rehabilitation Research Group (RRG) currently we explore five lines of enquiry:

1)  Clinical Measurement Tools

  • Develop measurement tools that address patient-focused problems and are ‘fit for purpose’ for use in clinical practice.  
  • Explore how measurement tools are used in clinical practice and evaluate their impact  
  • Work with clinical partners to implement measurement tools into clinical practice.  

2) Understanding patients’/ clients’ problems

This work helps gain greater understanding of the nature, cause and severity of patients’/ clients’ experiences and problems. This assists developing evidence based interventions and measurement tools and ensures appropriate patient-focused outcomes in clinical trials.

3) Understanding and evaluating current therapy

To develop more effective rehabilitation interventions and ways of delivering services we need to have a clear understanding of current services / practice, whether they are effective, insight into staff and service users’ experiences, perceptions and priorities. Many aspects of current clinical  practice have insufficient evidence, so research includes evaluating current practice in trials.

4) Designing and evaluating novel interventions

New, more effective, interventions based on theory and current evidence can help improve patient outcomes. We work collaboratively with therapists and other health professionals to develop interventions and conduct clinical trials.

5) Implementing research into clinical practice

Our aim is to help improve patient outcomes. Thus research findings need to be implemented in clinical practice. Members of the Rehabilitation Research Programme have a strong record of this. Our research has been included in national clinical guidelines and we have actively contributed to developing  such guidelines, for example from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. We contribute chapters to undergraduate and specialist textbooks, and contribute to national and international education programmes for specialist health professionals. We also work with clinical service providers, service  user groups and Third sector organizations to develop clinical services and self-management materials.

We have two main themes under the RRG :

1) MSK/ Rheumatology Rehabilitation

2)  Neuro-rehabilitation

Theme 1 Rheumatology rehabilitation

  • R-PROMs      
  • Work Rehabilitation      
  • Self-management    
  • Hand    

Rheumatology rehabilitation

Led by Prof Alison Hammond and Dr Yeliz Prior, this research theme focuses on the rehabilitation of people with musculoskeletal and rheumatic  diseases, with particular reference to the test and development of rheumatology patient reported outcome measures (R-PROMs), rheumatology occupational therapy interventions and patient education in self-management for people with rheumatic or musculoskeletal conditions.

Theme 2 Neuro-rehabilitation

Gait Adaptability

  • Impairments  
  • Treatment: Visual cue training  
  • Measuring Gait Adaptability  

Upper limb rehabilitation