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Neuro-rehabilitation research

Led by Dr Kris Hollands current projects include:

Treatment of gait and gait adaptability:

  • Visual cue training for the rehabilitation of gait and gait adaptability after stroke
  • Development of community exercise groups to improve or maintain functional mobility for people with mild cognitive impairment/dementia
  • Mechanisms of recovery and treatment effects in rehabilitation of functionally adaptive walking after stroke.

Measuring Gait Adaptability: how can adaptability of gait be measured in clinical settings and is the ability to alter walking in response to the environment relevant to/predictive of functional outcomes following stroke. Exploration of the use of activity monitors to identify adaptations to walking and disruptions in turning, stand-to-walk.

Impairments in gait adaptability following stroke: how is the control of footfall location during walking achieved and what difficulties do stroke survivors have in controlling foot placement (as is necessary to step to safe places when walking in cluttered and uneven surfaces). Kinematic analyses of target stepping, turning and obstacle avoidance.

Rehabilitation and recovery of upper limb function: are there shared mechanisms of recovery in the upper and lower limbs after stroke?