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MSK/ Rheumatology Research

Led by Prof Hammond and Dr Prior current projects includes:

A-Gloves: A RCT to evaluate the effectiveness of compression gloves in rheumatoid arthritis. We have previously completed a pilot observational study (C-Gloves) to assist planning this trial. Please visit our study page to find out more about A-Gloves.

WORK-IA: development and evaluation of a Work retention programme for employed people with Inflammatory Arthritis: a randomised controlled feasibility trial; survey of Rheumatology OT provision; qualitative studies.

LMAP:evaluation of a self-management programme, the Lifestyle Management for Arthritis Programme: long term follow up of a randomised controlled trial; observational and qualitative studies.

R-PROMs: Rheumatology Patient Reported Outcome Measures for OT. Developing and evaluating activity of daily living (English, Dutch and German EDAQ), participation (VLAS) and hand function (MAP-HAND) measures in 8 musculoskeletal conditions.

OCC-IMPACT:exploring the Occupational performance Impact of 8 musculoskeletal conditions.

HOOT: Hand Orthoses in rheumatology OT: surveys of OT provision, systematic review and trials.

SMART:Self-Management in Arthritis. A programme of studies investigating self-management information needs; evaluating and disseminating the Looking After Your Joints Programme in inflammatory arthritis and hand OA; qualitative studies, collaboration in fatigue management. 

We work collaboratively with researchers at the Universities of Nottingham, Southampton, West of England, Lancashire, Cardiff, Keele, Leiden University Medical Centre (the Netherlands), Medical University of Vienna ( Austria), Boston (USA), British Columbia and Toronto (Canada).